Navic 400
4. September 2019
Produktbild des CicloSport Protos 213, Protos 113. Fahrradcomputer in Schwarz
Protos 113
4. September 2019

Protos 213

Wirelesse cycle computer

The four models in the new PROTOS range are robust, basic units with intuitive operation, extra-long battery life and easily readable values on the display. They are designed for occasional riders, commuters and long-distance cyclists alike, who simply want to know how far, how long and how fast they have been cycling. 

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Product description

Features and specifications

The PROTOS 113 (wired) and 213 (wireless) cycle computers are also minimalist, but with the capability to be individually customised. While these models also feature the new four-line, easily readable display, they have an additional ‘commuter’ function: by pressing two buttons the display backlight will be turned for your whole ride, a feature that you will appreciate during the darker months as a year-round commuter.

Display lines two and four can be individually configured at the push of a button. You can choose whether to display your top or average speed, trip time or total trip time as well as calories burned. The time of day and current speed are always displayed. Beyond that, the PROTOS 113 and 213 focus on the essentials and reliably display your data. After a year the battery replacement function will tell you it’s time for a new battery.


Functions of the Protos 213

Icon von CicloSport. Auf einem blauen Rechteck ist ein weißes Display mit vier Zeilen abgebildet
CicloSport Protos 213, Protos 113 in der Stadt. Zwei Personen fahren mit ihren Fahrrädern eine Gasse entlang

4 lines display
All important values at a glance, without having to worry about them.

Protos 213
CicloSport Protos 213, Protos 113 bei Nacht. Zwei Personen nutzen die Beleuchtung des Fahrradcomputers

Commuter function
The backlight can be permanently activated.


Manuals and software downloads

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