Produktbild des CicloSport CM 4.11. Das Display zeigt die Geschwindigkeit und zurückgelegten Kilometer
CM 4.11
28. June 2019
Produktbild des CicloSport CM 109. Das Display zeigt die aktuelle Geschwindigkeit und die Streckenzeit an
CM 109
3. July 2019

CM 2.11

Wired cycle computer with altimeter

The wired 2.11 cycle computer is not only a true eye-catcher with its modern, innovative look, but it can also be configured via your PC.



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Product description

Features and specifications

The wired CM 2.11 cycle computer is a true eye-catcher with its modern, innovative look. It is a straightforward computer for cyclists who want to concentrate on the essentials. The CM 2.11 is a fully automatic unit without buttons and presents all key data on a clear three-line display.

Its basic settings can be easily configured using the two pins on the rear of the device. Additionally, all cumulative data can be exported from the cycle computer.


Functions of the CM 2.11

CM 2.11
CM 2.11

– Large, easily legible three-line display (approx. 10% larger than the previous model)
– Aerodynamic design and scratch-proof housing
– Configure cumulative values and settings on the PC

CM 2.11
Ein CicloSport CM 2.11 wurde am Lenker eines Rennrads angebracht. Das Rad lehnt an einer Mauer

– Ease of handling thanks to twist-click handlebar mount
– Multi-Lock: handlebar mount can also be fitted to the stem
– Easy battery replacement thanks to quick-release closure


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