Produktbild des CicloSport CM 309. Das Display zeigt die aktuelle Geschwindigkeit und die Streckenzeit an
CM 309
3. July 2019
Produktbild eines CicloSport Navic 100. Man sieht drei Knöpfe zur Bedienung und auf der Anzeige steht 1502.
8. July 2019


GPS cycle computer

The NAVIC 20 cycling navigation device makes a perfect companion – thanks to the cycling navigation app and cycle route planner.



Product description

Features and specifications

The NAVIC 20 is the first cycle computer that can be mounted in less than ten seconds and doesn’t need setting up. It records rides and calculates data via GPS. It also includes useful fitness functions with daily and distance targets, so you can keep your training plan on track.

The NAVIC 20 features an efficient battery with a battery life of up to 50 hours. Other features include Bluetooth and a night light display, which is essential during the darker months. Smart, easy to handle and created especially for ambitious riders – this cycle computer is a true all-rounder.


Functions of the NAVIC 20

Ein CicloSport HAC 1.2 wurde am Lenker angebracht. Im Hintergrund sitzen zwei Radfahrer auf einem Stein

– Battery life of up to 50 hours
– Micro USB charging port

Zwei Personen lassen sich vom CicloSport HAC 1.2 durch den Wald navigieren. Beide sind in kompletter Radkleidung

– Bluetooth
– Night light display


Manuals and software downloads

Manuals Windows

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Manuals macOS

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