Produktbild des CicloSport HAC 1.2, HAC 1.2+. Das Display zeigt einen Navigationspfeil im Kreisverkehr
29. May 2019
Produktbild des CicloSport CM 9.3A+. Das Display zeigt eine Übersicht über alle Daten und Funktionen
CM 9.3 A +
4. June 2019

HAC 1.1

Smart navigation and cycle computer with training partner

The HAC 1.1 cycling navigation device makes a perfect companion – thanks to the cycling navigation app and cycle route planner.



Product description

Features and specifications

The HAC 1.1 cycling navigation device makes a perfect companion in the city and is a true all-rounder: Thanks to its navigation system and integrated route planner, it guides you safely and comfortably through the city streets.

The HAC 1.1 is the basic variant for those on a budget and bundles the most important features such as navigation, altimeter, ride time and calories burned.


Features of the HAC 1.1

Are you planning your next urban journey by bicycle? No problem! Ciclo has created the HAC 1.1 cycle navigation device so you won’t have to give up any of the standard comforts you are used to, such as navigation aids or route planners, when switching from car to bike.  The HAC 1.1 navigation device can be combined with the cycle app on your smartphone and offers all the functions of a GPS-guided route planner combined with an easy-to-read cycle speedo. The HAC 1.1 navigation unit provides all navigation data and is specifically geared towards providing cycle-friendly routes, even in the city. Synchronising it with the Komoot app via Bluetooth updates the mapping material and loads new route information.

Have you been meaning to leave the car at home for a while? The HAC 1.1 cycle navigation device has been specifically designed to make urban terrain navigable by human-powered forms of transport. As a car driver, you miss out on many picturesque routes, plus you’ll often arrive at your destination sooner thanks to the cycling navigation app. It’s not advisable to use a smartphone in city traffic for safety reasons. It’s best to leave your phone in your backpack. Your cycling route planner sends all key information directly to the display of your HAC 1.1 navigation device. Even if your phone battery dies,  the HAC 1.1 cycle navigation unit continues recording and storing all data for up to 8 months.


Functions of the HAC 1.1

HAC 1.1
Zwei Personen sind mit dem CicloSport HAC 1.1 auf einem Berg unterwegs. Beide tragen Radklamotten

Turn-by-turn instructions, audio signal and re-routing, all out of the box

Cycle speedo
Display of all cycle functions such as speed or mileage

HAC 1.1
Ein CicloSport HAC 1.1 am Lenker. Eine Person positioniert den Fahrradcomputer in der Halterung

Free global mapping
Deployable anywhere, topographical maps and voice navigation available offline

Long battery life thanks to replaceable batteries that guarantee 8 to 10 months’ operation


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