CicloSport K.W. Hochschorner GmbH was established in 1978 in the town of Stockdorf near Munich. Since our inception over 30 years ago we have stood for innovation in the sports electronics sector. Since CicloSport was founded the family business has developed into one of the leading sports computer producers at our time. The name CicloSport is synonymous with high quality and a variety of comprehensible and usable information. In 1989 CicloSport was one of the pioneers that offered cycle computers for the bicycle market. Since then we have continued to develop our products. Below we have listed a number of product highlights we have managed to produce in the last 30 years.

CicloSport_icon.jpg 1980 First electronic CicloSport Cycle Computer
CicloSport_icon.jpg 1985 First CicloSport Cycle Computer with Altimeter
CicloSport_icon.jpg 1990 First CicloSport Heart Rate Monitor
CicloSport_icon.jpg 1997 First CicloSport - HAC (Heart Rate Monitor, Altimeter and Cycle Computer)
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2000 First CicloSport navigation system for bicycles
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2001 Digital, wireless transmission system using the 868MHz frequency
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2002 Digital, wireless cardio-training–security system for up to 20 participants
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2002 Radar Distance System for distance and speed measurements relating not only to sport
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2005 First CicloSport cycle computer with digital transmission, wireless cadence measurements and automatic cycle recognition.
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2007 Introduction of the CicloInZone® used to calculate the optimal training range
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2009 First GPS navigation system especially developed for the outdoor/cycle sector
CicloSport_icon.jpg 2011 Development of HMIs for pedelec systems

CicloSport has its own development department, in which our engineers are working on new and innovative products. The success of this work is reflected among other things in the cooperation with well-known companies in the area of eBike systems, which exist since 2010 and are being consistently enlarged.

In order to achieve CicloSport's quality standards, a process and customer oriented management system on the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 was implemented in the year 2011. This certificate after international standards keeps records about the continuous control and improvement of processes in the company.

We offer these four product areas
CicloMaster_klein.jpg Bike computers
CicloControl_klein.jpg Multifunctional computers
CicloPuls_klein.jpg Heart rate measurement
CicloNavic_klein.jpg GPS navigation

CicloSport represents
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Information variety
  • Design
  • Enthusiasm for sports and
  • Tradition

Not only our competent dealers are convinced of our product, also our partners Bicycle Holidays Max Hürzeler and bikexpress to name but a few.

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