PC-Set-Tool CM (Manage your device)

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The PC-Set-Tool provides an easy way to setup your CicloSport device. All settings can be done via a user-friendly software interface, so your device is set-up and ready to use in just a few seconds.
Using the PC-Set-Tool also allows you to store all settings and all data on your PC or Mac. This also includes the daily and total values, like distance, heart rate, altitude etc. (depending on the device).
In addition the PC-Set-Tool checks online for firmware updates for your CicloSport device. Whenever there are improvements or added functionality, you just have to click the update button and your device will get the new features.

The PC-Set-Tool is compatible with the following device of the CicloMaster series:
  • CM 2.11
  • CM 2.21
  • CM 4.11
  • CM 4.21 (HR)
  • CM 4.41 A (HR)
  • CM 9.3 A (+)